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Aerial Yoga is traditional yoga asanas sequenced into a mindful flow, supported and elevated by aerial hammock. The hammock (aka silk) provides a space for anyone to deeply relax, reconnect to the body, play with incredible shapes and go upside down safely. Aerial Yoga is rooted in traditional Hatha yoga, especially the Iyengar method and Vinyasa flow – that means we pay a lot of attention to alignment and breathing. You do not need to be an acrobat or a gymnast to enjoy this type of movement; you just need an open mind and presence.

Aerial Hammock offers lots of possibilities for creative movement, and some of the things I teach in my classes are “advanced”. However, fancy acrobatic tricks are never our main goal in this practice. On the contrary, I focus on simple movements connected with deep breaths. How the shape feels is always more important than how it looks. Our goal together is to cultivate awareness in the whole body and remove any tension or postural imbalances. My goal is for you to feel happy, peaceful and free after each class.

Here are some of the benefits of hanging in your aerial hammock:

1. Deep release: we use the pull of gravity to create space in your joints and a deep release in your chronically tight muscles. It feels amazing, helps undo the harm of sitting too much, and might even help you grow a little taller.
2. Support and alignment: the support of the hammock actually makes yoga poses easier, so you can develop more grace and ease in your asana practice. The hammock is like your yoga chair, belt, block, and bolster all in one.
3. Increased strength and dynamic flexibility: with practice, you will be able to make seemingly impossible shapes and transitions on the floor and in the air.
4. Relaxation and awareness: this yoga is all about deep breathing, softening all you tissues, and creating a genuine connection to your inner center.
5. Challenge your proprioception: when we change our relationship to gravity, it’s a challenge for our entire nervous system. Scientific studies have observed increased neuroplasticity in the brain after going upside down. That means, Aerial Yoga makes us more intelligent!

If you have never tried this exercise before, you should know a few things. In this practice every detail makes a difference: what you wear, how much you eat, how hydrated you are, etc.

I’ve made a concise PDF guide for beginner aerial yogis, please download it and read it carefully. It includes my COVID policy, too.

Aerial Yoga is for someone who:

  • loves creative ways of movement, like dancing and vinyasa yoga
  • wants to have a little support in traditional yoga poses
  • wants to practice all those inversions safely, even as a beginner
  • is playful and curious about new possibilities for growing stronger and more flexible
  • wants to develop a graceful posture and liberate the body from any tension it may be holding.

CAUTION: There are conditions when Aerial Yoga is NOT recommended. Pregnancy, glaucoma, cardio-vascular issues (high or low blood pressure) are among those. If you doctor recommends avoiding inversions and only doing mild exercise, follow their recommendations. Do check in with you doctor to make sure that this or any other kind of exercise is safe for you!



At the moment, due to you-know-what, there are no group Aerial Yoga classes in Freiburg.

Luckily, private lessons are still both legal and available. Do you like to get a personal aerial yoga session with my undivided attention? Get in touch using the contact form below.

Going to an aerial yoga class for the first time? Please read this short PDF guide to help you prepare.



Got an aerial hammock at home, but not sure how to use it? I create beginner-friendly yoga lessons (in the air and on the floor) on my Patreon page.

On Patreon, you will find some free content as well as exclusive lessons for subscribers only. I pour my heart into making these videos, and I do hope you will enjoy practicing with my guidance.

On my Instagram Page I share yoga tips, asana tutorials and spontaneous live lessons – you can find the link in the top right corner of this page.


My name is Natasha Vershinina, and seeing you in an aerial hammock is my favorite thing in the world.

I was born in the USSR and grew up in Siberia, then in 2011 I moved to Freiburg all by myself in order to study Environmental Governance at the Uni Freiburg. I got endlessly charmed by Freiburg and decided to spread my roots here. After getting my Master’s degree I worked as a tour guide in the region and began teaching floor yoga every now and again. When I discovered yoga in Aerial Hammocks, my life changed, I fell in love, and now all I want is to share this passion with you.

I’ve been a yoga practitioner since 2008. I began with Iyengar yoga, it’s a fantastic style for learning about alignment in poses. After moving to Germany I discovered Vinyasa flow: creative movement in harmony with breath. In 2016 I traveled to India for my 200h teacher training. Now I practice traditional Ashtanga Yoga, combined with Yoga Nidra, Yin, and of course Aerial Yoga. In my classes I always combine my insights from all these amazing styles.

With immense gratitude to all my teachers:

2009-2010 daily Iyengar Yoga with Maxim Chitaev (Tyumen, Russia)

2013 attended Vinyasa Yoga seminars with Meghan Currie in Germany and Portugal

2016 Multi-style Yoga Teacher training 200h TTC with Trimurti Yoga (Agonda, India)

2017 Ashtanga-Vinyasa training with Ajay Kumar, Pranayama training with B.N.S. Iyengar (Mysore, India)

2018 attended Ashtanga Yoga weekend seminar with Kino MacGregor

2019 Aerial Yoga 100h TTC with Unnata Yoga


Get in touch:

Private lessons take place at my private location in Stühlinger, Freiburg im Breisgau